Young Life

Salt Foundry And Young Life Team Up To Make Their Mission Easier.

Young Life


Meeting Kids Where They Are At


Every week, Young life areas all over meet during a time called “club”. During this time, leaders and high school kids get to hang out, sing, play games, preform skits, and here a little about Jesus. During the summer, the kids and their leaders take a week and go enjoy camp. Young Life camp is much more like a resort than anything else, where kids get a brake from normal life and get to experience something amazing.


Salt Foundry continues to provide custom apparel & print design.

We’ve Proudly Teamed Up With:

West Sno Co (Everett, Wa)

Whidbey Island (Whidbey Island, Wa)

North Sno Co (Marysville, Wa)

Sno Co Capernaum (Everett, Wa)

Greater Edmonds (Edmonds, Wa)

North Central Washington (Wenatchee, Wa)

North West Seattle (Seattle, Wa)

North Seattle (Seattle, Wa)

Lynnwood Terrace (Lynnwood, Wa)

Mercer Island (Mercer Island, Wa)

Greater Olympia (Olympia, Wa)

Gig Harbor/Peninsula (Gig Harbor, Wa)

East Clark County (Camas, Wa)

Clark County ( Vancouver, Wa) 

Young Lives (Vancouver, Wa)

Missoula (Missoula, Mt)

Raleigh (Raleigh, Nc) 

Burnsville/ Yancy County (Burnsville,Nc)

Private School (Minneapolis, Mn)



Apparel Items Printed


Events Branded
Custom Young Life custom camp apparel design

Young Life From Day One.


When we opened our doors in January of 2011, our first clients were Young Life area’s around the Seattle Washington region. Above you can see nearly all of the apparel designs we have created for camp, club, fundraisers and events. Even though we think of ourselves as a design agency, we have Young Life to thank for pushing us further to provide for our customers. Do to the continual support of our Young Life friends, we chose to purchase our screen printing equipment. Having screen printing has allowed us to provide better prices, which is very important to all Young Life areas, as well as become more involved in the process from start to finish. Below you can see a selection of all the event materials we have designed for various Young Life areas. We are proud to support Young Life by assisting with all of their design needs. Through this service, we have been able to walk side by side with many areas as they grow. Through it all, we are proud to say that we are friends with Young Life.