Whidbey Island Young Life

Salt Foundry Teaming Up With Whidbey Island Young Life To Grow The Mission

Whidbey Island Young Life is a strong community with drive. We have had the pleasure of working with Whidbey Island Young Life on a range of projects including custom apparel, event design, and various infographics.

Whidbey Island Young Life


Big Events On A Small Island


Every week, Young life areas all over meet during a time called “club”. During this time, leaders and high school kids get to hang out, sing, play games, preform skits, and here a little about Jesus. During the summer, the kids and their leaders take a week and go enjoy camp. Young Life camp is much more like a resort than anything else, where kids get a brake from normal life and get to experience something amazing. Its been our pleasure to provide apparel and graphics for Whidbey Island to help make their mission easier.


Salt Foundry continues to provide custom apparel & print design.


Apparel Items Designed & Printed


Infographics Created


Flyers & Handouts Created


Events Branded

Back Story

Young Life has been active on Whidbey Island for many years. When Ernie Merino became the area director over 5 years ago, his goal was the build on the foundations the area already had in place. He started this mission where all Young Life area directors must, right at ground level. Ernie became involved in the community, met with donors and focused the area’s vision. There are many plates to juggle as a Young Life area director, and Ernie has been focusing on every element of the job one piece at a time to improve the area.


Salt Foundry was brought in to give polish a few of the ideas Ernie brought to the table, create ways for information to be easily digested, and tighten the area’s overall look. Whidbey Island has been focusing very strongly on growth over the last few years, with a new plan called The Big Shift, that has outlined their new goals. Throughout this process, Salt Foundry has been focused on creating a cohesive image for the area, and supplying various materials that will aid their overall goals. We have had the opportunity to provide print and digital materials, as well as custom apparel and other hard goods.


In order to represent the area in a consistent way, we worked closely with Ernie to establish a style that fits with their mission and goals. The Big Shift acted as the flagship piece for the main Whidbey Island Young Life style. The initial Big Shift poster introduced the Whidbey Island Young Life logo design (which combined the main YL logo with the shape of the island), The main color pallette, and the minimal art style. Moving forward, we based all designs (infographics, event invites, flyers, booklets) on The Big Shift materials.


Working with Whidbey Island Young Life has continued to be an excellent experience, and every new project is exciting. However, all projects come with challenges. There have been two main challenges we’ve faced while working with Whidbey: establishing a design style the would be forward facing but still resonate with the Whidbey community, and combining the minimal style with the typical flare and excitement associated with Young life. Every project beings along its own unique balance of fitting within the areas mission & goals.

Key Features

Whidbey Island designs have a strong focus on line work, bright colors, and clear text across all print & digital materials. We have also worked closely with Ernie on fundraising and area awareness through various custom apparel projects. Each school and club in Ernie’s area has unique apparel, as well as fundraiser events, special club events, and camp.


With Whidbey Island Young Life, we continue to have the opportunity to check out project results against the main goals. As the areas focus continues to be on area growth, we will be watching closely to see how our graphics and apparel assist in reaching Whidbey’s goals. One thing is for sure, Ernie is proud of his area and proud to show off what we have had the pleasure of helping him create.