Vinnie’s Pizza Vancouver Logo Design

Vinnie’s Pizza: Vancouver’s Favorite pizza

Salt Foundry was pleased to provide branding services and add consistency to Vinnie’s and family business going back generations. Giving the restaurant a new look, fitting to their recently remodeled downtown vancouver location, allowed Vinnie to focus on quality of service instead of the look of the business. We were able to completely rebrand Vinnie’s, with a new logo, business cards, & a full range of food and drink menus. We also provided a variety of additional auxillary  graphics such as a trinacria (italian character) and posters for vancouver local events. Check out Vinnies here



Vancouver’s favorite pizza.


Vinnie’s Pizza has been a Vancouver local favorite for quite some time. With two shops, in downtown Vancouver and downtown Ridgefield, their pizza has found a happy audience. With recipes straight from Sicily and ingredients fresh from the PNW, Vinnie works hard to keep his pizzas tasting excellent.


Salt Foundry provided branding services to keep the Vinnie’s image fresh and current.



Tastes & Looks Delicious.


When Salt Foundry was brought on for this project, Vinnie’s pizza had a very strong menu with delicious options, but not very much brand consistency. We were able to assist Vinnie with creating new branding & setting a new standard for a clean and modern style. Throughout this .project we worked on both strictly technical design (creating a whole new set of menus) as well as some fun and adventurous graphics (like their bar grand opening poster).