Salty Sentinels PNW Bike Race Team

The Gnarliest bike race team in town

The Salty Sentinels Bike Race team is ready to rally and rock the course. Kicking up dirt and taking jumps, thats how they roll. Through the Pacific North West mountains and scouting out new trails. Now you can be a part of the team too. We have created tees with the Salty Sentinel race team design, ready for you to wear. These tees are available in a variety of ink colors (including reflective for those night riders). You can also support the team with stickers of any of the graphics created for the race team.

The Salty Sentinels


Ride Fast, Get Dirty


Welcome to the newest gnarly bike team around. The Salty Sentinels love to have fun, ride fast, and get dirty while enjoying the beauty of the trails.


Salt Foundry provided branding, apparel, and creative direction for this group of hooligans.

All In The Details

During the design process for this project, we wanted to make sure the end result would represent unity, getting your hands dirty, and hard work. The crest has the team name and the working hand as the main elements, because the Salty Sentinels are a hand working team. The additional 4 graphics that appear on the front of the tee symbolize team work and unity (with the connected chain race team icon), tools of the trade, and a smaller icon for the race team.
 When printing these tees, we have chosen to use a tri-blend tee to make sure it’s extra comfortable. The design has been printed with reflective ink, adding an extra level of safety for the wearer.