Youtube Branding For Ryan Mac

Ryan Mac is a brand than promotes an improved lifestyle. Why settle for what you have now, when you’ve set your sights so much higher? Ryan aims to bridge that gap through his YouTube videos & eventually through public speaking. Living a healthy, positive, and motivated life will lead to a lifestyle you’re proud of. While branding Ryan Mac, we explored what is important to his life, fleshed out his mission, and provided general brand consultation. This project is an example of specific Youtube Branding.

Ryan Mac

Live | Learn | Create

Ryan Macdonald wants you to be fit, healthy, and living the life you desire. Through his YouTube Channel (found here) he shares personal experiences and tidbits of information to motivate his viewers and improve their lives. In addition to providing verbal and visual content, Ryan will also be supplying his viewers with worksheets and printed materials than can be downloaded and used away from the computer screen. 
Salt Foundry provided creative direction and branding.

The Brand Experience

More than just an icon 

During this project we worked very closely with Ryan to dig deep into his business, exploring what motivates & inspires him. Since this brand is so closely tied to Ryan as an individual, we incorporated what’s important in his life into the overall look & feel of Ryan Mac. We had a lot of fun developing the culture around this brand, with our own inspirations coming from classic seal designs (like the official US seal), simple icon sets, and personal health and fitness brands.