Salt Foundry PNW Coffee Pack

A Client Christmas Gift

The great pacific northwest is known for the beautiful outdoors, and love of coffee. Seattle is the home of starbucks and a booming coffee scene, and Portland has the best coffee shops around. We wanted to share this love and beauty with some of our clients, with a PNW pack. So, for Christmas a few years ago we put together a PNW pack that included custom PNW apparel, PNW x SF sticker pack, a diner style coffee mug, and a bag of locally roasted premium coffee. Each gift was hand packed with care, with a handwritten note from the SF team. A continuation of this project can be seen in all of the apparel currently available in our store.
Salt Foundry provided design & screen printing services for this PNW pack.
A simple illustration showcasing the three main elements of the Salt Foundry PNW pack. The sticker pack, PNW tee, and SF x PNW mug were all custom created for the Salt Foundry PNW client pack.

Back Story

Here at Salt Foundry, we have made it no secret that we love where we live. Outside of the office, we are avid hikers and campers. We’ve explored all the national parks the PNW has to offer, waved at a few bears, had staring contests with foxes, and snowshoed through the peaceful snow. Of course, we also love the cities. We’ve often made a mobile office out of a portland coffee shop, and usually start the day off with a quality cup of coffee or a shot (of espresso). So, we wanted to share what we love with our clients in the form of a christmas gift PNW pack.


Our main goal for this project was to give our clients something that they could continue to use and receive value from. To achieve that, we wanted to give something they could wear, and also something that could be used in daily life. Most projects come with a set list of deliverables or maybe a few key requirements. This time around, we were free to create.


Since this was a project of passion, the process went a little differently than most. First, we started with a burst of creativity and explored all of our options. We knew that we wanted to create something PNW related, but the details were still fuzzy. After a couple dozen design ideas, and a few lists of potential deliverable, we arrived at the PNW pack. We decided the pack should include apparel, a sticker pack (who doesn’t love a fun sticker pack?), a diner style mug, and some locally roasted coffee beans. The apparel was printed in house, and we worked with Diecut stickers to get the perfect stickers. We also wanted to make sure that everyone who received these PNW pack’s would feel special. Each pack included a note from us, as well as a special hand written note showing our appreciation for their continued friendship.

PNW pack, portland coffee, pacific northwest shirt, diner mug, PNW stickers
The original PNW design Salt Foundry created to share PNW pride, along with the gold and black Salt Foundry product sticker. The PNW design has been used on apparel, stickers, and buttons. The Salt Foundry sticker is included in the Button & Sticker pack, and is used on outgoing mail.


This project was our first opportunity to create a full package. Until this point, we had typically been brought in by our clients to work on a small piece of a similar project, such as only the apparel or sticker designs. It was both exciting and a challenge to explore creating the packaging for this PNW pack. Once we established the designs, the next stage was also new to us. After ordering all the stickers and printing the apparel, we stapled together each sticker pack and stuffed each tee inside a mason jar.

Key Features

We have covered a few of the key features of the PNW pack in the sections above, so instead, we would like to highlight our personal take aways. It’s easy to think that you can do or create whatever you want. However, once you actually create something, it is much more powerful. At the start of this project, all we had was an idea. Once it was completed and each pack was in the mail, we had a project. In the digital age, it is very rewarding to physically hold something you’ve built. Through this project we learned to not give up on our drive. There’s nothing stopping us from creating something new, and there’s nothing stopping you either.


We couldn’t have been more excited about this project. Our clients had no idea these packs were being sent and heading about their surprise was reward enough. Because of this project, we are still pushing our own creativity on personal projects. We have released a new line of PNW apparel, available in mens & womens styles in the store. We plan to continue creating PNW designs are putting our products of our own.

A showcase of the package design for the Salt Foundry PNW sticker and button pack. The PNW Sticker and button pack, along with the client note, were both elements of the PNW pack Salt Foundry sent out to clients.