Pines & Palms

An Apparel Startup For A Greener Tomorrow

The owner husband and wife duo behind Pines & Palms wanted to create a brand that all parents in the PNW would want their young ones to be rocking. The drive to get out doors, into the woods, and on the tops of mountains is a strong driving force of the brand. This is an apparel startup that wants to teach the youth of today the the great outdoors can have more excitement to offer than what’s on a screen.
Salt Foundry provided branding and apparel design for this apparel startup.

Pines & Palms

For A Greener Tomorrow

Pines & Palms is a PNW local youth apparel brand with the future in mind. Thier goal is to encourage the next generation to get outdoors, enjoy the world around them, and keep it healthy.
 Salt Foundry provided branding and and apparel design

Back Story

The husband and wife owner duo of this apparel startup had a very clear mission, give the youth of today some apparel that encourages adventure. They wanted to aid the next generation in combating todays highly tech focused world and get outdoors.


The main goal for Pines & Palms was to create a brand that would apparel to new parents who love to hike. Once the brand was established, the next step would be to create a line of apparel that would support their greener tomorrow mission


As an apparel startup, we knew that the overall look and feel of the brand would be carried over into their apparel. We first focused on the imagery of the name, and worked to establish a visual style that would adequately represent their name and mission. Pines & Palms had a clear vision of their brand from the very start of this project. We worked closely with them to perfect and grow their idea. The trees icon was supplemented by a green color scheme to represent their greener tomorrow mission. Once we moved into the apparel designs, we were able to maintain a similar style. Light green, teal, and black and white heavily used in association with simple text.