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North Central Washington Young Life

Custom apparel to keep Wenatchee Rad

Since 2013, North Central Washington Young Life has called on Salt Foundry for their custom apparel needs. NCW YL serves multiple high schools and middle schools around the Wenatchee area. Through their service, they host 6 clubs that are packed with excitement every week. High school clubs include students from Wenatchee HS, Westside HS, Eastmont HS, Waterville HS and Lake Roosevelt HS.  Wyldlife is open to all students from any area middle school.  Younglives for teen moms and pregnant teens is underway and their newest club, CAPERNAUM, exclusively for kids with special needs. Every Young Life area has a different tactic for keeping their area and their clubs alive and exciting. NCW YL keeps the area Rad by focusing on apparel that will resonate with high school and middle school students. Most importantly, making them ask “what’s that all about?”.
Salt Foundry continues to provide custom design and screen printing services.


Apparel Items Printed

Cool comes from somewhere.

Some projects are cool from the very beginning, and NCW YL keeps every project cool. At the start of each project NCW brings a few ideas to the table, sometimes references images of sketches. We work closely with their team to combine their ideas with our illustration to create designs that we are proud of and they’re excited to use. Below, you can see some of the designs we have created for North Central Washington Young Life. For camp and club, NCW YL has always been fond of slightly retro designs with a modern edge. This specific style has helped guide every project, keeping each design we’ve worked on together connected.
Each custom apparel order is different, and requires a unique approach to get a unique result. For North Central Washington Young Life, Salt Foundry has worked with the team closely from the start of each project to ensure the design will suit their needs.

Every Project is a process.

This may be a surprise, but most designs take a little work from idea to final product. Below, you can see a few of the designs involved in creating one of our personal favorite camp tees.  Through this series, you can see how a design will shift and grow through the creative process.  Most designs have humble & simple beginnings (top left) and then have elements added as the idea evolves. The Malibu Club design is a perfect example of the creative process in action. By the end, it’s the simple details that really make the design golden.
Every new design needs time to evolve. This Camp tee design was initially based on the clients ideas, and was slowing transformed and changed through the creative process. Slowly, more elements fell into place before finally landing on this Young Life Malibu Club PNW style camp tee