Custom Missoula Young Life custom camp apparel design

Missoula  Young Life


Big Designs For Big Sky


Missoula Young Life is a team made up of hard working college kids with a huge heart for the mission. Every year the students balance their school work and social lives to make time to hang out with some high school kids. These relationships are real, intentional, and dedicated.


Salt Foundry Provides design and screen printing services, as well as moral support.


Apparel Items Designed & Printed


Flyer Created

From Club To Camp


Providing Designs All Year Round


Young Life has always been a year round mission, with each season planned out to flow seamlessly into the next. We have been working with Missoula to aid those transitions, from created club & camp tees, to post-camp event flyers and new leader tees. Throughout all of our Missoula designs, we have maintained an overall theme of ruggedness to match the fierce excitement these leaders have for their kids.
Custom Missoula Young Life custom camp apparel design