Master Lube Bellingham

Master Lube is independently owned and has been proudly serving the Bellingham community for over 30 years. Their goal is to provide quality service to every customer, and they sure do! More about Master Lube can be found here.

Master Lube

Premium Oil Service

Master Lube has been a staple of Bellingham for many years, serving the vehicles of college students and general residence alike with great care. Thier quality work and friendly service has earned them a stable place in the hearts of locals.
Salt Foundry provided branding & web design services.

Under New Management

Same Classic Oil Shop

When Master Lube traded hands, Salt Foundry was brought in by the new team to tighten up the overall image of the business. Through this process, we focused on the classic look of the location, and made it our goal to add a layer of consistency to Master Lube instead of trying to reinvent them. WIth that in mind we set to work cleaning up their logo, signage, and web presence to present a clean and uniform images. We were also excited to provide Master Lube with a fun retro style variation of their logo which has now become an employee favorite and part of the Master Lube uniform.