Laughing Mystic

A San Diego Cold Brew Coffee Company

Laughing Mystic is a company that has heart. They love creating Cold Brew coffee and enjoying the coffee experience. They also love their community & helping those in need. Laughing Mystic is also heavily involved in the special needs community and supports their needs through coffee sales. Based in San Diego, Laughing Mystic started brewing Cold Brew as a hobby. Their friends loved it so much, they wanted to start paying for it. So Laughing Mystic was born, and after a little coffee branding with a roaring 20’s edge, they took the cold brew scene by storm.
Salt Foundry provided creative direction, coffee branding, and web design services.

Back Story

Most business’ start to fill a need, some start solely to make money. However, there are a few that start because they love what they do. The heart and soul behind Laughing Mystic falls into the last category. First they loved enjoying coffee and cold brew, then they decided to make their own, and then they because awesome at it. Friends of the business pushed them to get their cold brew coffee out into the hands of more people, and Laughing Mystic was born. At the same time, the owners of Laughing Mystic were heavily involved in the special needs community in San Diego, and wanted to have a way the community could benefit. Laughing Mystic is a strong supporter of the special needs community. They have created a business that ties that supported right into cold brew coffee.


The Laughing Mystic cold brew coffee branding started out with a few simple goals: Make something awesome & rad, and have it be classy. Coffee branding, like branding in any specific market, can fall into a few cliches. We wanted to stay away from using typical coffee graphics like a mug, coffee beans, or any other typical coffee machinery. We also knew that this brand design would be heavily used on packaging, apparel, stickers, and directly on the cold brew bottles. So we wanted to create a brand that would be well suited for all these environments. Lastly, we wanted the brand to translate easily to their website.


Early in the project we established our color pallette of a grayscale heavy on the dark end, and gold. Gold have long been a symbol of wealth, class, and value. Laughing Mystic’s quality cold brew was definitely worthy of a high value image. Digging into the coffee branding, or more specifically the logo design, we focused on the use of strong lines and soft curves. Through a series of proofs and discussions with the client, we arrived at a 1920’s, roaring 20’s style logo. From there, we expanded on the logo to flesh out the rest of the brand. The secondary logo and package, sticker, apparel designs, and website fell into place very quickly with a very clear direction laid out.

Laughing Mystic Cold Brew Coffee Branding, coffee brand design


The main challenge of this project was to settle into a design that felt right for this coffee brand. As avid coffee fans ourselves, we are very familiar with the various coffee shops and roasteries around the greater Portland & greater Seattle areas. With that, we removed ourselves from the idea of “coffee” and focus on the headlining goals. Instead of thinking of this coffee branding project as coffee plus design, we shifted our mindset. The brand we created was full of energy, supported the community, and contained high value. Oh, and they may or may not also have an interest in coffee.

Key Features

With the overall look and feel established, the Roaring 20’s style became the centerpiece of the brand. We focused on translating this version of the brand into all required materials. This style was a perfect way to showcase their class and readiness for excitement. Their website stuck closely to these principles with a clean grayscale and gold color scheme. In Addition, the simple structure was supported by coffee imagery and important info about Laughing Mystic.


In the end, Laughing Mystic was incredibly excited about their brand and ready to push the business further. We were lucky to revisit this project once their branding and website were completed. Stickers, apparel, and additional features for the website to fit their growth were clear signs that Laughing Mystic was doing something right.