Salt Foundry Design Agency + Family Crest Design

Creating a family crest design to last the ages

Not all families can say what their family crest is, or even say if they have one. We had the pleasure of working with a local vancouver, wa family as they decided they wanted to take their family crest design and make it real. During this process we were able to learn a bit more about the specific iconography that is typically involved in a family crest design, including lions, wolves, and hedgehogs. By the end of the project we had a visual representation of what is means to be a Lanphar, and we were able to provide Mr. lanphar with something he can now pass down through his family. Their family crest design speaks to their bravery and loyalty, though both the iconography and color choices.

Lanphar Family Crest




We all have family, and we all come from somewhere. Mr. Lanphar wanted to make sure his family will remember their roots while still looking forward into the future. For this fun project, Mr. Lanphar researched to great depth what it means to have a family crest, how they are created, and what every element means.
Salt Foundry provided illustration services, bringing the Lanphar crest from an idea to a finished product.