Design Agency + Design Research

A Design Agency giving life to pages of data

Here at Salt Foundry, we typically keep to coffee shops and cozy couches, but there is more out there! When we teamed up with a Portland local design researcher, we had the opportunity to learn more about end user interactions, what it takes to create a great consumer product on a large scale, and how tricky all of that can be to stick together as a portfolio. But have no fear, we flexed our Design Agency skills and combined data with visuals in a way that creates a story of information for each case study.


The Portfolio To Advance Your Career

In the design world, cover letters are nice, resumes are important, but an excellent portfolio will get you the job. But not all positions have clear deliverables that look pleasing in a book. Design Research is a position that has that exact predicament. Sometimes a portfolio is a great way to bridge the gap between the reports you produce and proving you are an expert in your field. By the end of this project, a wide range of case studies were transformed from pages of data to compelling, visual stories.
Salt Foundry provided layout design and creative direction.